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About Us

  Since opening, our mission has been wellness and service in all we do and remains all the more so today. Lizzie’s Body  Contour & Wellness Studio has helped many women and  improve their appearance to lead happier, healthier lives.  We’d love to do the same for you! Learn more about Lizzie’s Wellness Studio and how we can work together to achieve your transformation.

Sip, Slay, & Sculpt: Your One-Stop Shop for Wellness


Sis, let's get real. We all been there, stuck on struggle street with no map and lookin' at our lives like "chile, this not workin'. "That's where your girl, Lizzie the Wellness Coach (and your spa bestie!), swoops in! Think of me as your one-stop shop for feelin' good again, mind, body, and soul. We help busy professionals like you achieve lasting health and happiness.


Honey, you ever vent to your bestie over coffee and have them drop a truth bomb that straightens out your whole week? Like, "Girl, why I been stressin' over this? It's clear as day!" That's the kinda vibe we bring to the table. We not here to judge, just listen and help you see things from a fresh perspective. We all get caught up takin' care of everyone else and forgettin' about ourselves. But these sessions? They all about YOU, boo. It's your time to shine and figure out what makes you happy. We'll be your personal cheerleader, sippin' that coffee with you (or virtually, if that's your jam!) and unpackin' all your goals and dreams.


Here's the magic:

  • We coach you from the inside out: Spill the tea about your goals and dreams. We'll be your personal cheerleader, helpin' you craft a personalized plan that includes mindfulness, nutrition, and movement coaching to get you feelin' amazing.

  • We pamper you on the outside: Struggling with stubborn fat or just need a little relaxation time? Let's chat! We offer unique, non-invasive cosmetic procedures to help you achieve your ideal body shape. During our body sculpting treatments, we'll use safe, effective methods to address those problem areas that just won't budge at the gym. Plus, we have a whole menu of spa services to melt away stress and leave you feelin' rejuvenated.


See? You deserve to feel amazing, both inside and out. Let's create a personalized plan that gets you there! So, if you're ready to stop the struggle bus and start livin' your best life, let's chat!

what Do you want to change?

Sis, Tired Of:

  • Holding onto hurt that’s not servin' you no more? Let's work on forgiveness, boo.

  • Feelin' stuck in the past? We can help you move through trauma and step into your shine.

  • Wonderin' who you truly are? We'll guide you on a journey of self-discovery.

  • Dealing with a narcissist? We got strategies to help you navigate that mess.


Ready For:

  • Findin' your purpose and feelin' fulfilled? Let's get you there, sis!

  • Developin' healthy ways to deal with pain and stress? We can help you build your toolbox.

  • Strengthenin' your mind and spirit? We'll guide you towards resilience.

  • Livin' with someone who struggles? We'll equip you with support and resources.

About the owner

Ms. Lizzie is a Licensed and Certified Body Sculptor and Holistic Wellness Coach, as well as the proud founder and owner of Lizzie’s Body Contour & Wellness Studio, LLC.

Lizzie became a body sculptor and a holistic wellness coach because she is in the business of helping individuals (both women and men) to feel good about themselves. Her contribution to the market is different from that of the competition because she is a passionate professional trained in trauma-informed, stress management, and lifestyle coaching. Her main goal is to help her clients make positive lifestyle changes for optimal living.


Her Approach:

As a holistic wellness coach, she understands the path of trauma recovery. She’s here to tell you, that you are not a victim. She’s living proof that healing is possible - She’s thriving now, but healing is a journey, not a destination. She's walked through deep pain herself, and she’s here to support you, no matter what you've been through.


The reason she shared this? Because Lizzie learned powerful tools that can help you on your healing path. She has created a safe space, free from judgment, where you can explore your feelings and finally tell your truth. She will work together to understand your experiences and how they've impacted you.

Ready to break free from those limitations and reclaim your life? Let's work together to heal from your trauma, one step at a time. She’s here to guide you on this journey, sister.

Here's the good news, Queen. Through coaching, you can unpack that past trauma, understand what happened, and finally give those feelings a voice. By talking about it, and processing it, we take away its power. Then, we learn how to handle those triggers and build better ways to cope. You don't have to keep running on empty, sis. Let's heal together, one step at a time.

About the owner
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